Natalija Rushidi & Ambo Ars concept store at shop 1 80 Enmore Road Newtown

Natalija Rushidi & Ambo  Ars joined forces to open their first concept store on Enmore Road, in Newtown, starting from early March 2022. Their idea to combine art , fashion and hair, and provide 

a unique and innovative shopping experience for customers in the Newtown area is exciting! The combination of art, fashion, and hair is a creative and unusual concept, and it will likely attract a diverse range of customers who are interested in exploring new and unique styles.

With this concept store, Natalija Rushidi and Ambo Ars have the opportunity to showcase their creative talents and offer customers a range of products and services that they may not be able to find elsewhere. The store's focus on art, fashion, and hair also has the potential to inspire customers and encourage them to try out new and bold styles.

The location of the store on Enmore Road is also strategic, as Newtown is a vibrant and diverse area that is known for its artistic and creative community.